NanoComm 2GAV2 Reviews





"Impressed!!" - 30/03/11
"I am impressed with the effectiveness of the new Puretone NanoComm volume controlled headsets, which I tried on Tuesday 2011-03-29, whilst flying my Robinson Helicopter, in that the noise reduction is very good, and the clarity of the sound received is brilliant. The actual delivery of the sound through the headset into the inner ear is so effective that one has to turn the sound down considerably to match the volume of my Bose Headsets in the helicopter. I am very happy with these new Volume Controlled headsets as they are comfortable, and very effective in delivery and receipt of the sounds transmitted or received."

- Tinus Bosch, Managing Director of Pearl Trading 2 CC.





"Three years on...." - 07/07/11
I have used the headset for over 3 years both in light aircraft and the B737 everyday. The B737 flight deck background noise levels average out at 93 plus decibels. When you have a 4 hour each way flight the value of this headset is incalculable when you consider the passive dampening properties of this system. - B.P, Scotland





"Splendid product" - 19/06/12
I have received the GA connector and also to say what a splendid product you have. I will certainly be recommending it to my fellow pilots!
- Jeevan









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