Ordering Your NanoComm 2 GA

To order your NanoComm 2 GA, please contact us today or order online.

Once your order has been placed, ear impressions will need to be supplied to us, so we can manufacturer the custom-made PROTECThear earpieces to be an exact fit for your ears only. Ear impressions can be taken by many independent hearing professionals, audiologists and some hospitals.  

For more information on ear impression services near you, please contact us or visit our online database of hearing professionals - The Puretone Partnership.

Click here to visit the Puretone Partnership

Please note: Hearing professionals may make an additional charge for taking the ear impressions needed to manufacture the NanoComm GA.


Each NanoComm 2 GA is manufactured with two pairs of earpieces from your ear impressions. One pair is the standard PROTECThear comms earpieces, which provide a SNR of 29dB, and can also be used as standard noise plugs.  The other pair are standard clear earpieces, which do not attenuate incoming audio.

The NanoComm 2 GA comes supplied with a handy travel wallet and a user guide.

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