Features Of NanoComm 2GAV2

NanoComm 2GAV2 is a new ultra-light, custom-made aviation headset.

The NanoComm 2GAV2 features an enhanced higher fidelity sound speaker system which provides crystal clear communication. It weighs only 4g, which is less than 3% of the weight of a standard GA headset. The headset features a 2.8mm diameter boom amplified microphone, coupled with a custom-moulded ProtectHear comms earpiece in each ear, which ensures an extremely comfortable fit when used for extended periods.


The NanoComm 2GAV2 features a ‘Shape & Stay’ flexible amplified boom microphone for clear, noise free communications, as well as a quick-release lanyard, with cables running inside to each ear, thus keeping cables tidy. Every NanoComm 2GAV2 is also fitted with an audio input socket, PJ055 and PJ068 jack plugs as standard (other connectors available).









Foam Windshield
& Flexible Boom

Twin ProtectHear Earpieces

Junction Box With Volume Control

AUX Audio Input
& Mic Sensitivity Switch

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